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ThirstyPony: Past, Present and Future started as a search marketing blog way, way back in 2006 – and as we all know, 4.5 years is an absolute eternity in internet time. So the pony could also be accused of being a little dusty. Change, however, is afoot. Or “ahoof”, if you prefer.

The blog isn’t going anywhere, but the site as a whole is now the figurehead of a new Search and Social Media Marketing service focused on helping small businesses and entrepreneurs reach their target markets – and sell their goods and services – online.

Personally I split my time between Ottawa and Toronto, Canada as well as Boston, MA USA. Our current client base is international and if physical proximity isn’t a deal-breaker for you – it certainly isn’t for me either.

I look forward to keeping you as a reader, collaborator or client and am always happy to make new friends and start conversations pertaining to this exciting industry we’re in. is not going anywhere.

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