The Lifespan of an SEO Professional
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The Lifespan of an SEO Professional

Like many of my peers (whom I am making a renewed effort to get to know since beginning to appreciate the wealth of cool people in the Search industry) my SEO/SEM inception began when I started a retail website. That first foray has long since gone the way of the Dodo, but I remember it fondly – as my resulting interest and education has kept me in cat food for the last 7 years. But how long will this all last? Here are a couple of snippets from my increasingly frequent self Q&As, which are starting to sound more and more like an exchange between Jack Torrance and Lloyd the bartender.

Should I get out of this racket because it’s becoming so flooded?
No – the deluge of half-cocked, irresponsibly guaranteeing, myna bird “SEOs” will actually make it easier for the people who relish it, have talent and stay at the forefront to stand out in a crowd. I might as well write you a <a href=””>free business plan</a> while I’m at it. Use said deluge to your advantage, and as a daily motivating factor.

Has SEO really become ‘easy’ like so many people now claim?
No – There is no free tool that can take the place of experienced keyword and volume research. The creation of engaging original content takes patience and skill. Manual link-building never ceases to be monotonous. Social media is only relevant or applicable to some clients, and even then requires startling creativity in order to make any difference. Link baiting is second only to chaos theory in terms of unpredictability and luck.

The Shining

I’ve had my doubts about the credibility and longevity of this career path I find myself on. And new questions pop up everyday when I’m doing my daily SEM blog reading. But my mind becomes settled quicker than an algorithm that’s realized it’s being manipulated when I remember where I can go if I don’t like it – back to the cubicle. This industry is undeniably exciting for a reason. It’s the wild, wild west out here, and I’m going to need another scotch.

“I’m the kinda guy… likes to know who’s buying his links, Lloyd.”

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  • Chris Hooley January 30, 2007, 3:29 am

    lol, self interviews rock!

  • Janeth January 31, 2007, 1:41 am

    SEO is a lot like the Wild Wild West. A lot of people carrying guns and talking about how fast they are but very few if any of them have ever been in a gun fight.

  • Adam Broitman February 8, 2007, 1:52 am

    You mention squidoo here. Do you really think that site has enough clout to make a difference or do you think that it was a fad that had faded?

  • Dave Pye February 8, 2007, 5:25 am

    Squidoo hasn’t made people the untold fortunes many predicted it would, but Google seems to LOVE it. Building a lens is on my ‘first week with a new SEO client’ list. It’s easy to whack a lot of content into quickly, via plug and play modules that self-generate based on the keywords you enter, and new lenses get indexed quickly. Your new lens gets indexed, your outgoing links to your client’s site get spidered – and so on. Definitely a good tool IMHO. And absolutely GREAT for brand reputation management. That deserves its own post.

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