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SEO & Social Media Marketing Testimonials

Red Sox Tickets“Dave taught us the crucial essentials of SEO strategy and helped us achieve top 5 rankings for our most important and competitive keywords. The man knows how to get it done. I highly recommend his services.”

Mike Last, Director of E-Commerce:“We now come up on the first page in Google for “Offshore software development Boston.” I know this because a prospect just called me and told me so. This is very good. Thanks, Dave. You just exceeded my expectations.”

Bob Allard, CEO:

Spine Pain Doctor Boston“Dave, I just went on Google and typed in “spine pain boston” and we are already the Number 1 organic listing! Our project with you is only two months old and already we’re dominating in the national and local results for one of our most valuable terms. Very cool!”

David Barna, Director: Spine & Pain Institute of New England“We’d like to congratulate your team on your success. I also wanted to specifically acknowledge David Pye for his outstanding work. As I mentioned several months ago we like his innovative style and several of our keywords (corbels, brackets) are now on the first page of Google. This is directly due to David.”

Albert Delaney, President:“Dave, thanks to your quality link building, press releases, and other search engine stategies you have used, there is a clear difference in our search engine rankings.”

David Schnurman, CEO: and Dave in the Media:

Ecademy – Even When Free, Content is Still King
“In a recent conversation with search guy Dave Pye it’s obvious that the dust will take a while to settle on this one. As Dave says on his SEO blog, Thirsty Pony, “The Social Media tag is so new; you can still see the mark where the delivery room doctor slapped it.”full article

Boston Globe – Mixing Blogging with Work can Lead to Unemployment
“Dave Pye, 31, a search engine marketing consultant from Boston, said it’s very easy to remain anonymous online and has little sympathy for people who have been fired for posting to their blogs.”full article

Startup Business School – Interview by Richard Banfield
I recently asked SEO guru, Dave Pye, whether he thought the hype around the social networking world was really relevant to website owners and their marketing ambitions or is it just a distraction?” … full article

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