I’m not Dead. I’m in Toronto
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I’m not Dead. I’m in Toronto

Almost, anyway. My writing hiatus will conclude in a couple of weeks when the dust on this permanent international jaunt has settled. I will never post without a purpose, however – and this little ditty is no exception. Although I will maintain very strong professional roots in Boston, I am extremely interested in meeting any and all Toronto Search Engine Marketing peoples that may come across this website. Please reach out and say hello. Your city frightens and confuses me. Whether we cross paths in a new think tank – or an OPP drunk tank – the evening is still technically tax deductible if we talk about NOFOLLOW tags.

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  • Michael Valiant April 20, 2007, 2:39 am

    Frightens and confuses you!? I usually hear that more often from Canadians headed south, than people heading north!


    I’m not in Toronto, prefer the clean air north of the city, but drop me a line sometime and we will see about that NOFOLLOW conversation…

    Michael Valiant

  • wheel August 23, 2007, 2:58 pm

    Hey Dave,

    If you’re in the toronto area, we have the occassional meetup/network. s e o bash dot com. Hopefully have another one in September/October if I get off my butt and get it rolling.


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