Don’t Dilute the Potential of your Press Releases
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Don’t Dilute the Potential of your Press Releases

If you’ve been using press releases for direct online marketing and search engine optimization, you probably have a few favorite networks bookmarked by now. Some are pretty pricey (,, but pack a lot of SERP punch depending on the keyword phrases you link back to your site with. Other sites aren’t quite as effective (,, but allow you to post releases for free, with as many outgoing links as you want, making them a sensible part of a comprehensive SEO strategy. Every time I create a press release for a client, I utilize a combination of these paid and free sites/networks – with great results.

There’s one important thing to remember – take it easy on the outgoing links. I follow a rule of thumb that I only optimize for one phrase per press release, and never have more than two outgoing links. It is generally agreed that the more outgoing links a web pages or a press release has – the more diluted their effect becomes. So call your shots carefully and don’t get greedy.

This logic also applies to valuing paid links. If you contact a webmaster about purchasing a text link and they have already sold links to 100 other websites – the value of that link is greatly reduced. The potential influence of a text link from a page is lessened the more links there are on said page, so don’t get taken for a ride.

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  • Idea Guy March 15, 2007, 4:39 pm

    Hi Dave,

    Thank you for mentioning the phrase “dont get greedy”. I know that many webmasters are being like that. They need to be considerate and wise though. I agree, creating press releases for free and paid site really works. Thank you for giving the links of the free and paid sites too, I really appreciate it.

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