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About David Pye & ThirstyPony

David Pye - Search and Social Media Marketing Consultant

David Pye - Search & Social Media Marketing Consultant

About ThirstyPony
Selling online isn’t just about leading horses (or ponys) to water anymore. From organic rankings to the checkout confirmation page, marketers must consider every stage of the online buying process when using their website to sell products or capture leads. ThirstyPony’s services include Search Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising, Social Media Marketing and whatever new strategy your competition hasn’t even heard of yet.

ThirstyPony is a Search Engine and Social Media Marketing provider specializing in affordable services for small businesses. The accompanying blog is written and maintained by company principal David Pye, a 10-year veteran of the online marketing arena.

About David Pye
Dave was first bitten by the internet bug while at University in Canada in the early 90’s and it’s been his professional focus ever since. Having worked as a content/web developer, copywriter, graphic designer and project manager, he set his sights on Search Engine Marketing in 2001. David has extensive experience in all areas of online marketing, including Pay-Per-Click Campaign and Affiliate Program management to the aforementioned competencies.

Dave is an avid blogger, maintaining seven of his own, and was recently mentioned in both the Boston Globe and New York Times. His combined personal blogging efforts generate traffic in excess of over 50K unique visitors a month and subject matter includes sites devoted to SEM, SEO, PPC and online press releases. His marketing-related contributions have been widely syndicated and he encourages potential clients and visitors to contact him for related advice.