7 Free Brand Reputation Management Tips
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7 Free Brand Reputation Management Tips

What exactly is online brand reputation management (BRM)? Basically, negative or malicious press in SERPS (search engine results pages) can be combated by creating positive content or and knowing where to post or submit it. If the positive content is deemed by the search engines to appear on more integral websites, the negative rankings will be pushed farther and farther down the SERPs until that post by a disgruntled blogger is on page three and your good name has been restored.

Brand reputation management and search marketing were once very separate entities – but with the emergence of blogs, forums, social media and other user-driven content sites, they now must be performed in tandem. You don’t have to be a skilled programmer, or even know how to build a website, to get your opinions online anymore – This can be a very scary prospect for any company. If you’re not scared, you should be. Boo.

How do you combat a high-ranking negative reference to your name or company? Luckily, it is far easier to attain good rankings for a business or domain name because there is far less competition for these words than for the goods or services they provide. It is also reasonable to push down negative rankings for individual people’s names. But not always, obviously. If your client’s name is Gavin Wunderschnitzen, you’re laughing. If your BRM services have just been retained by John Smith, just give him his money back now.

The same blogs, forums and social media sites which can be used to negate or slur a brand, can be used to defend it. Here are some of my methods, and I look forward to your feedback and tips on the subject. Lots of folks are selling BRM as a service nowadays, but before you cannibalize a considerable part of your marketing budget because some 12 year old with a Bebo account and a crap in their diaper didn’t like one of their Christmas presents, consider the following Free BRM tips.

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  • Reese Spykerman September 16, 2007, 4:57 am

    Hey Dave,
    I assume, in the case of the squidoo lens, the point is not necessarily to generate a lens that is popular to the Squidoo community but rather improve positive exposure in the search engines–is that correct?

    What I’m getting it is, does it make sense for me to make lens that are ‘helpful’ (or topical) as well as a lens specifically dedicated to a write up on my company?

  • sam August 20, 2009, 6:57 am

    Do u think it is a good idea to create the URL for major keyword and Give the Title as the company name.Please advise what is a good strategy? should we create the URLs with Keywords of Company Name.


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